Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to the Good Times Daily!

If you ever get tired of only hearing and reading negative news from reporters and the people in your life, you have come to the right place. In an effort to bring a little lightheartedness and encouragement to your day, I am starting my own “paper,” devoted solely to sharing the positive things I experience in my own life, as well as the positive news I discover from the world around me. The world can be such a dark and miserable place, so it is my hope to be able to shine a little light into the darkness and warm your soul with cheerfulness.

You might wonder how I have so much happiness to share. Well, the truth is that my life is far from perfect and nowhere near how I thought it would turn out at this point in the game, but I have God on my side and hope in my heart. As I am obviously human, I have gone through times when I was way too down in the dumps about my circumstances, and I have just made a choice to focus on more positive things instead. This blog will share some of the results of this effort, as well as display quite a bit of my random and silly humor.

Besides, I have plenty of reasons to be happy. For one thing, I am a young, hot female, and therefore I don’t have to deal with a sternum bush (A.K.A. chest hair), so what’s not to be happy about and thankful for? Maybe I am not in my dream job just yet, but I will be soon, and until then I work on music and write this blog and books as my creative outlets. God is good, and life is good. As a song I wrote with my friend Nicole says, “Good times, good times. These are the good times. I believe I’m gonna see the good times rolling right in front of me.”

So if you are a bibliophage who thinks you can handle some good news and a whole lot of silliness then here you go….

Alisha Rena
Good Times Daily

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