Monday, November 21, 2011

Happiness In Spite of Monotony

Today is one of those days when I’m struggling to think of something encouraging to write. It’s not that I’m in a bad place even, but so much else is on my mind. I even searched to find some happy news reported elsewhere for sharing to no avail today. Of course, the gloomy, rainy weather, the fact that it’s Monday, and the desire to just start the long holiday weekend, are probably also factoring into the dilemma. It’s so easy to get caught up in so many things aside from your current circumstances and wind up just feeling blah.

It doesn’t even mean that something’s wrong with you necessarily. We are only human, after all. So what do you do when you find yourself in a place like this? I wish I had a perfect no-fail remedy, but unfortunately, I do not. Fixing your mind on whatever’s right, true, and holy is obviously a good place to start. Trying to turn off the part of your brain that is jumping ahead of the current moment to everything else is also helpful if you can master that art. Life really is hard, isn’t it?

It’s amazing, that it’s not always the devastating news and situations that can wear you out, but just the every day living and thinking and existing. I guess this all goes back to what I said Friday about having to find time to rest and to decompress.

I think sometimes though, we get down on ourselves for not being over-the-top happy, when life is full of ups and downs. If you were happy all the time, you wouldn’t appreciate being happy. Granted, you don’t want to go the opposite extreme to depression, but some days you are just in the middle. That’s where I am today.

The funny thing is that oftentimes those days when you feel like you’re in the middle, or even the days when you are really sad, oftentimes turn out to be some of the most life-changing days for you.  Perhaps God just really likes to surprise us when things look bleak or mundane and our expectations are non-existent. I think maybe it is because when we create our own expectations, we’re limiting Him and telling Him what we want Him to do, but when we reach the point where we’re just trying to make it through the day, He sees our needs and jumps into action.

I guess that’s why no matter how unexciting or depressing a day may seem, it’s always good to know that it can all change at any second. It’s what makes life exciting if you allow it to instead of dwelling on the nothingness around you and becoming indifferent towards everyone and everything instead. So today, I’m trying to just embrace the monotony of another Monday, and trust that excitement is just around the corner. It may be later today. It may be tomorrow. One way or another it’s coming, and it’s going to be amazing when it does!

Good Times Daily


  1. I'm pretty sure the majority can relate to this. Sometimes I find security in my monotony...and then I must force myself to break out of it in order to discover new adventures and remember there is a grander meaning of life that is not the day in day out work/eat/ order to really be alive people must make the efforts to find the joy in the day...or even better...bring it to someone else. It's a superb feeling, for me anyways, to find some way to break someone else out of their mundane routine and help them realize there is more to life than their current circumstances.

  2. So true! Thanks for the feedback and your perspective as well! Doing something for someone else is always a great way to improve how you feel about your own circumstances.