Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surprise Blessings

So today has given me a definite reason to be happy. The weather is still gloomy, and I am still working. Yet, after 4:30, I am off until Monday. Plus, my boss decided to pay to get my front brakes fixed on my car.

I’ve been meaning to take my car in to get that taken care of the past couple of weeks, but when I took this job two months ago, I also took a rather significant pay cut. Thus, money has been a bit tighter than it was. I’ve also just not really had time to take it in and be without my car.

I have always been extremely self-sufficient and love to help other people out myself, but I have seldom benefited from the other end of things. I guess it could be a bit humbling, but it is also a super nice gesture and a very pleasant surprise when someone does something above and beyond for you.

Something about the whole thing then makes you want to bless other people, too. It’s like the domino effect of blessing. What if every time someone did anything nice for you, you then did something similar for 2 other people? Can you imagine how much different this world would quickly become?

For instance, if someone gives you an encouraging word, you then encourage two other people. If someone buys your lunch, you buy two other people’s lunch that week. Perhaps that’s something we should all strive towards doing. It doesn’t even always have to be the exact same thing, because financially that might not always work out, but just finding two ways you can bless others when someone else blesses you. I’m up for the challenge, what about you?

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